Do you need help with your furry baby? Is your dog shy, fearful,
aggressive, or simply needing better manners? Do you want to be
able to take your best friend everywhere with you? Maybe do therapy
work or dog sports? I can train you and your dog so that your pup
reaches their full potential.  

I have spent many years doing dog rescue work.  I have rescued and
rehabilitated hundreds of dogs that would often have otherwise been
euthanized.  These dogs had a wide range of issues (fear, aggression,
hyperactivity, overly vocal) As a result I have worked with almost any
small dog breed you can think of and many of the larger ones, and I
am adept at quickly solving behavior issues.  I began competing my
sheltie in dog agility and soon had won numerous titles. I have
trained dogs in obedience, rally, service work, draughting, herding,
and therapy. I am a Certified Dog Trainer and Pet Nutritionist with
Animal Behavior College.  Along with operating a dog rescue
program, I now use my acquired skills to help pet owners to work
with their dogs.  Additionally I offer boarding and grooming
services.  While I specialize in working with small dogs, I also enjoy
working with larger dogs as well.

am a holistic breeder of toy-sized Shelties and occasionally English
Shepherds.  I occasionally offer trained adult dogs for sale as well.  
Because I believe that breeders have a responsibility to help with pet
overpopulation I run a dog rescue oriented towards herding breeds.
We do not ship our dogs.
Holbrook Dog Training
Toy Shelties & English Shepherds

Mrs. Helen Holbrook
Gilbert SC, 29054
"We are all smitten with
darling Velvet.  She is a
dream come true!!" -
Donna H.  - California

"We want to tell you how
happy we are with our
puppy! Teddy is our first
English Shepherd and he
has completely sold us on
the breed. He is intelligent,
loving, hard working, and
such a clown. Everyone
who meets him falls in love
with him. We plan on
having him follow in his
mother Bonnie's footsteps
and become an all around
accomplished dog. Teddy is
a healthy, energetic,
beautiful pup and we
couldn't imagine life
without him. I would not
hesitate to get another pup
from you when we are
ready for a second
addition!" - Diane P.

"As for me
and my
house, we
shall serve
the Lord"
Joshua 24:15